RESPECT : of the client, of the collaborators with whom we work, whatever their role, respect for competitors, partners and PHILJOHNTECH is very important. In return, everyone must feel respected and protected in what they do well.

HUMBLENESS: regardless of each person's experience, we are always learning. At PJT, we believe that you need to know how to listen and open your mind to progress. This requires a good dose of humility.

OPEN MINDED : At PJT, we collaborate with very creative talents and minds from different cultures and backgrounds and it is important to keep a very open mind to be in perfect harmony with your colleagues.

DYNAMISM/PROACTIVE : is very crucial for the evolution and competitiveness that the digital sector requires. In order to always be ahead of market players, this value of proactivity is crucial for us.

PERSISTANCE : At PJT, we always try to push the boundaries of what is possible and must demonstrate great determination to acquire, maintain and develop market resources and opportunities.

EXCELLENCE : At PJT, we always try to ask ourselves if tomorrow we can be better than today and even more if we help others to progress on a daily basis.


The PJT spirit pushes us to create all the conditions conducive to the emergence of a learning company, essential to the development of our employees..

Every last wednesday of each month , all employees dress in African attire and bring a traditional dish of their choice.

All the contributions are shared around a meal in the second half-day around a table, allowing all employees to get to know each other better.

Each month a collaborator is selected to share their origins (village, dialect, history, customs, etc.).

Why is PJT unique ?

We have a set of rules and customs :

GNEBS PARTY : all new hires bring donuts to everyone in the office on their first day and they will be shared during lunch break while introductions are made

BDAY PARTY : all employees contribute to offering a birthday cake on the birthday of the day.

FRINGLISH DAY : every Friday, the whole office speaks English. Anyone who speaks in another language will be fined 100 FCFA each time.


Dynamism - Multicultural & social

We have collaborators of different nationalities and from different regions of the world. 

Joining us is the assurance of evolving in a world of multiple professions and rich professional careers.